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Plastic drum pallet (Click to enlarge)
Plastic drum pallet

Metal pallet (Click to enlarge)
Metal pallet

Pallet containers (Click to enlarge)
Pallet containers

Pallet racks (Click to enlarge)
Pallet racks

Pallets are used all over the world and come in a variety of materials, though generally wood is the most common. We have details on pallet companies, wood, plastic, metal and aluminum shipping pallets.


A pallet is a flat transport structure designed to support a variety of goods in a stable fashion while being lifted by any mobile forklift or other jacking device. The goods are placed on top of the pallet, and can be secured to it by straps or stretch-wrapped plastic film. While the majority are made of wood, pallets manufactured from plastic, metal, paper can also be found. A pallet is sometimes colloquially called a skid, by back-formation from skid loader. Wikipedia

Wood pallet (Click to enlarge)
Wood pallet

Wooden pallets were the first to came out and still very popular. There are many companies offering wooden models, in many sizes (standard or custom made), new or used. They are cheap compared to plastic and metal pallets, they are recyclable and made from renewable resources, also, they have high friction.

But wooden products could have splinters, bacteria and if they are not be handling accordingly, they could brake. Plastic pallets are more strong, durable, and easily to sanitize. Plastics, unlike wood, will not retain the odors of the materials being shipped. They are lighter than wood saving transportation and labor costs.

Plastic pallet (Click to enlarge)
Plastic pallet

Other alternative on pallets are those made of metal (aluminum, steel or wire mesh). They are not as common as wooden or plastic ones, but they offer strength, stiffness, durability, bug free and moisture resistance. There are also paper pallets. They are often used for light loads, but engineered paper ones are increasingly used for loads that compare with wood. Paper pallets are also used where recycling and easy disposal is important. But they are expensive to manufacture and susceptible to moisture.

Paper pallet (Click to enlarge)
Paper pallet

There are standard sizes and procedures for the manufacturing of pallets, and they vary from region to region. Common size in USA is 48.00 x 40.00 inches, in Europe the common size is 1200 x 800 mm. But many companies offer custom made models. For additional information on standard sizes and procedures for manufacturing of pallets, please read the following pdf document from the International Safe Tranit Association (ISTA). Click Here

Pallet CompanyPallet Company - A pallet company is dedicated to bring customers with a range of pallets according to they needs. Check for companies that provide wooden, metal, plastic and other types of pallets.

Wood PalletWood Pallet - Wood pallets were the first to came out and still very popular. There are many companies offering wooden pallets, from new to used. Recycling this kind of pallets are very common nowadays.

Plastic PalletsPlastic Pallets - Plastic pallets are more widely use in Europe than in the rest of the World. They are often chosen over wood pallets because some benefits which wood can not.

Pallet RackingPallet Racking - Pallet racking is for stocking inventory that sits on pallets (or "skids") that are stored in horizontal rows with multiple levels. Check for new & used pallet racks here.

Pallet ManufacturerPallet Manufacturer - A pallet manufacturer is a company dedicated to constructs pallets made of wood, metal or plastic and based on standard procedures and customer specifications.

Wholesale PalletsWholesale Pallets - Wholesale pallets available to buy online. Wooden pallet, plastic and recycled pallets that companies sell in bulk quantities, many of them with discounts.

Euro PalletsEuro Pallets - The world is moving toward adoption of the Euro pallets system. Check some models of pallets made of wood, plastic and metal under the Euro pallets system.

48x32 Plastic Pallet48x32 Plastic Pallet - Check here for size 48x32 plastic pallets, the most popular size in Europe. Medium duty pallets, new & used pallets, Euro pallets, recycled plastic pallets.

Metal PalletsMetal Pallets - Metal pallets are not as common as wooden or plastic pallets. Materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Check here some examples of metal pallets.

Surplus PalletsSurplus Pallets - Many businesses re-use their pallets themselves. However, if you end up with surplus pallets which you need to get rid of, there are various ways of doing this other than just dumping them in a skip

Rackable PalletsRackable Pallets - Most of the rackable pallets are made of plastic but you could find some metal made models designed for warehouse racking system. Check for 2-way (stringer) or 4-way (block) pallets here.

Bulk PalletBulk Pallet - They are not quite common but there are bulk pallets made of wood or plastic available for customers that need large size, durable and heavy-duty pallets.

Aluminum Shipping PalletsAluminum Shipping Pallets - Pallets made of aluminum, like aluminum shipping pallets, rackable aluminum pallets and custom aluminum pallets offer the durability of metal at a lighter weight. Here are some aluminum pallets.

Pallet ContainerPallet Container - An assortment of pallet containers are shown here for your specific requirements on merchandise storage and shipping. These containers have a pallet, a box, and some of them, a cap.

Custom Metal PalletsCustom Metal Pallets - Many companies offer custom metal pallets for costumers that need special designed pallets for their transport and storage services. Check some custom pallets here.

Rackable Aluminum PalletsRackable Aluminum Pallets - Check here for rackable aluminum pallets, metal pallets that are made of light-weight, heavy-duty aluminum and they can be use for racking and storage.

Stackable PalletStackable Pallet - Stackable pallets, also known as nestable pallets, are specially designed for better and easy warehouses storage. Most of them are made of plastic.

Custom Aluminum PalletsCustom Aluminum Pallets - Custom aluminum pallets are pallets made of aluminum, under customers specifications, with the same characteristics of the industry standard sizes pallets.

Corrugated PalletsCorrugated Pallets - Corrugated pallets are made of Metal, plastic or paper and are designed with a special non-split surface for material handling cases which strong security is important.

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