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PalletsPallets - Pallets are used all over the world and come in a variety of materials, though generally wood is the most common. We have details on pallet companies, wood, plastic, metal and aluminum shipping pallets.

Pallet companies (Click to enlarge)
Pallet companies

A pallet company is dedicated to bring customers with a range of pallets according to they needs. Check for companies that provide wooden, metal, plastic and other types of pallets.

Pallet Company

Pallet companies are dedicated to bring customers with a range of pallets according to they needs. Next is a list of some companies that provide wooden, metal, plastic and other types of pallets.

Pallet company (Click to enlarge)
Pallet company

Pallets Companies in UK

Associated Pallets Ltd.

Associated Pallets is a company that produces, delivers and collects all types of pallets throughout the UK. New and used wooden pallets in a complete range of sizes, plastic pallets, ISPM 15 pallets and pallets collars for wooden boxes and other packaging requirements.

"We have built our reputation as one of the UK's leading pallet companies on our competitive pricing, prompt and reliable service, plus the flexibility to meet your needs."

Special Services: Next day pallet delivery service, pallet collection. Special offers each month.

Contact Information:
Phone: 08000-288-655

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Pallet ManufacturerPallet Manufacturer - A pallet manufacturer is a company dedicated to constructs pallets made of wood, metal or plastic and based on standard procedures and customer specifications.

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Associated Pallets Ltd. - Plastic and wooden pallets, ISPM 15 heat treated pallets, collars, boxes and lids. Also pallets collection. Request quotes online, delivery service for this pallet company throughout UK.

Businessmagnet Directory Ltd. - Directory of pallet companies in UK.

Lima Pallet Company, Inc. - A full service pallet provider. Manufacturing of wooden pallets, online orders, 24/7 delivery services in US.

AAA Pallet Co. - A pallet company offering new and recycled pallets and wooden crates in South Central US. Orders by e-mail.

Pallets Companies in US

Lima Pallet Company, Inc.

Lima Pallet provides the following products: new pallets produced by an automated Viking machine, recycled pallets built to customer specifications, used pallets standard and in stock at all times, wood waste products for sale, new wood crates built to customer specifications, recycled and used crates in stock at all times.


  • Manufacturing of a variety of pallets, skids and wood crates.
  • Pallets design using CAD technology.
  • Pallets exportation.
  • Pallets fumigation.
  • Scrap removal.
  • Mulch and animal bedding.
  • 24-hour emergency delivery service.
  • Online orders available.

Contact Information:
Lima Pallet Company
1470 Neubrecht Rd.
Lima, Ohio 45801
Phone: (419) 229-5736

Wooden pallets (Click to enlarge)
Wooden pallets

AAA Pallet Co.

"AAA has established itself as one of the leading pallet companies in the South Central United States... ...Our company philosophy is simple and straightforward: Provide our customers with innovative solutions to unit load challenges at a competitive price, backed by the finest service in the industry."

AAA Pallet Co. offers a full line of pallets and containers: new, recycled and remanufactured pallets, wooden crates and boxes and Urban forest mulch.

Other Services: pallet purchase, repair and heat treatment. Also pallet management (pallet retrieval, rental, PDS and more).

Area of Service: South Central United States, including: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Contact Information: Click Here to contact an AAA Pallet Co. office near you.

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